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mandag 16. mars 2009

Just for me! *yey*

Finally, I found the time to knit wristwarmers for myself! =)

Not that I don`t have plenty, of course..., but I wanted to make my lovely set in Sublime Angora-Merino complete! <3

In January I knitted the beautiful hat Rose Red designed by Ysolda Teague. I loved it so much I also designed a matching neckwarmer. And for two months now, I have used this set almost every day, while my inner knitter has tried to work out just how I want the matching wristwarmers to look. *lol*

It was obvious that it had to have the big cable from the Rose hat, but that was all I knew... Untill I saw the beautiful Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers designed by Alexandra Brinck, on tesha`s blog and on Ravelry. But after I looked at the pattern, I saw that there had to be lots of changes to make this fit my DK-weight yarn... And I didn`t want the twisted ribbing and the slipped stitches, and the cables were too small... So I ended up using the idea with the two big cables (over 7 stitches) in the middle and the two smaller cables (over 3 stitches) on the sides of the front - and a thumb gusset. That`s it. *lol*

And here`s the result! <3

Not the best pictures, I`m afraid, but they`ll have to do. I put a cardboard-figure I cut out to "fill" the glove in the right wristwarmer - so that you better can see how it looks on the hand. =)
I am quite pleased with them, but if I make another pair, I will make the thumb gusset differently and less enormous... *lol*

Pattern: my own - based on the image of the Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers.
Usage: about 46 grams Sublime Angora-Merino on 3mm needles - a bit small for this yarn...

I just love it!!! =)

PS! It just struck me - is the correct word for these perhaps fingerless gloves and not wristwarmers? They *do* have a thumb... Hm...

6 kommentarer:

mayeliz sa...

Utrolig lekkert sett dette :-) Du er kanongod på slike sett :-))

Cecilie sa...

Fantastisk! Eg bøyer meg i støvet :-))

Monai sa...

Flotte bilder som viser fine produkter.Bøyer meg i støvet over alt det flotte du lager.

Magaki sa...

Det er et helt nydelig sett :)

sipusa sa...

Ja, nå var det sannelig på tide at du fikk noe selv:-D

Kjempeflotte pulsvarmere, kjempeflott sett!

Ilje sa...

Nydeleg sett! No kan du gå våren matchande i møte! :) Sånne feite fletter kan vere veldig flotte (uff, det var ikkje meininga å drive og bokstavrime!).

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