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My Free Patterns

Keeping Me Alive Fingerless Mitts (norwegian only) download now


 Darling Darling Stay With Me Shawlette (English only)
download now


Out Of My Head Shawlette - English only

downlodad now


Scarf with loop - comes in both english and norwegian version!
download now

Løkke-skjerf i rød Faerytale    IMG_9908


Tempo`s Headcoat - (English only) -
download now.

Headcoat - yak+ull     IMG_9661


1. I have been informed about a typo in the info: It says: “4DPNs, size 4mm. 3 med mer DPNs might be needed to attatch the brim”. It should of course be “3 mm DPNs might be needed to attatch the brim.”
2. When starting at Step 3: Cast on 3 stitches on 4 mm DPNs!
3. Step 4: Row 1 should read: (k2, p2t) till end of row, and NOT (k1, p2t) till end of row…


mono`s Kattelue -
(Norwegian only) -
download now

Kattelue - brun Eskimo   IMG_9690


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