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onsdag 27. mai 2009

Inspirational Cables! =)

Check out these cool books! *yey*
They both describe beautiful cables and knots to implement in knitted garments and blankets and bags and so on. And they both have patterns for a.o. jackets, sweaters and hats. I love them both! =)

Strikk i vikingmønster/Viking patterns for knitting by Elsebeth Lavold

Continous Cables by Melissa Leapman

It`s been a bit quiet on the knitting front here lately, but I am working on a jacket for myself - with cables, of course... =)

There`s a lot of tiny flowers in our garden these days - here`s a few for you. =)

mandag 25. mai 2009

Macro is fun! =)

Click on the photo to see it in larger size - then you will see the details better. =)


torsdag 21. mai 2009

21st Century Breakdown?

Last of the American Girls - Green Day

21 Guns - Green Day

Peacemaker - Green Day

The new Green Day-album is just great! Here`s just a couple songs for you - a little taste... Enjoy! =)

PS! 8.000 have visited me here so far! *yey*

tirsdag 12. mai 2009

Amund! =)

This is a sweater I have made for a little boy named Amund. =)
I made it "out of my head", but I think it will fit a child about 1 year of age... *crossing fingers...*

Pattern: Amund - my design.
Usage: about 110 grams thin alpaca, Drops on 3mm needles.
For Amund. =)

Have a nice day - wherever you are!! =)

torsdag 7. mai 2009

Ebba in the city =)

Looking cute... *lol*

Ebba i Paviljongen IMG_0561, originally uploaded by mona.mono.

...and temptations everywhere... =)
Fristelser overalt... IMG_0473

tirsdag 5. mai 2009

Pinhead! *lol*

Here we go again! I designed this simple hat for my dread-head-friend. I hope she can drag this down over the dreadlocks, to keep them dry and to keep her warm and cozy. =)

PS! The name is of course another songtitle of the Ramones! *lol*

Pattern: My design
Usage: Alpca With A twist Baby Twist - I used about 104 grams for this hat, on 4mm needles - and the yarn is lovely soft and squishy! =)
For Mari.

This is an extra long version of Jane Richmond`s hat Elizabeth. =)

Pattern: Elizabeth (- Ravelry-link).
Usage: ca. 145 grams DROPS Eskimo on 8mm needles.
For Mari.

I am sending a bunch of knitted stuff to her this week - I really hope she can use some of it... *lol*

søndag 3. mai 2009

Bad Brain! =)

I am on the Ramones-wave when it comes to names still. *lol*

So here`s the Bad Brain Calorimetry! It`s another headband for my friend Mari. Hope she likes it. =)

I put some cables on the front (you know me - I just loooooves my cables...). *lol*

Pattern: A slightly modified version of the Calorimetry.
Usage: ca. 18 grams of Shibuiknits Sock on 3mm needles.
A gift for Mari.
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