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søndag 30. august 2009

Tempo`s Headcoat - pattern is available now! =)

In english only for now... It has not been test-knitted yet, but if you find errors or have questions - don`t hesitate to contact me! =)

PS! Now the numbers of visitors have reached 10.000! *yey*

onsdag 26. august 2009

Another Headcoat! =)

And I have been asked for the Headcoat-pattern, so I have worked with writing the pattern down these last days. I have also knitted another one - and this fits my head perfectly. Well - at least before washing... I wonder if the yak will grow a bit after washing... Hm...

Pattern: My design - mono`s Headcoat.
Usage: ca. 86 gr. - one thread brown yak/merinowool from Stäkets Hantverk & Design and one thread blue wool from Holst Garn. Both fingering weights. I used both 4mm and 3mm needles.

download now

I Don`t Wanna Grow Up! *lol*

A friend of mine turns 40 this weekend - what better to give her than something to really make her feel like that cool and sweet girl she is at heart? *lol*

Pattern: My design - mono`s kattelue - only in norwegian for now...
Usage: ca. 100 gr Drops Eskimo on 6 mm needles.

mandag 17. august 2009

Tempo`s Headcoat! =)

My dear boyfriend Tempo has finally gotten his mono-made cap - Tempo`s Headcoat!
I have looked high and low for a cool pattern, but we have not been fully happy with any of them... SO - I designed one myself! *lol*

It is very simpel - but Tempo loves it! =)

Pattern: My design!
Usage: ca. 80 gr. Donegal silketweed from Malsen og Mor on 4mm needles.

download now.

tirsdag 11. august 2009

Ooooops! I Did It Again... *lol*

And this time I did it with Malsen og Mor`s Shetland Soft. =)

The yarn is a bit waxy and it took me a while to get used to... But it was a good knitting and turned out beautiful after washing! =)

Pattern: Rose Red by Ysolda Teague.
Usage: ca. 70 gr. Shetland Soft - two threads held together on 4mm needles.

mandag 10. august 2009

Saved for a rainy day # 2! =)

What better on a day of thunder and lightening than a little taste of summer? =)

macro IMG_1962, originally uploaded by mona.mono.

fredag 7. august 2009

Iris! =)

Finished up the second Gretel last night - this time knitted in 2-ply Kirkcaldy in the beautiful blue-ish colour named Iris. Love the result, and all the cables and twist was worth it... =)

Pattern: Gretel by Ysolda Teague.
Usage: ca. 79 gr. Kirkcaldy, 2-ply, Iris.

onsdag 5. august 2009

Gretel! =)

I love Ysolda`s designs and just had to try another of her patterns, and this time I chose Gretel. =)

I like the result, but I am not sure if the result is worth the job... It felt like the cables and the twists took "forever"... *lol* It`s possible I just had a bad cable-day, so I have already cast on for another Gretel! =)

Pattern: Gretel by Ysolda Teague.
Usage: ca. 75 gr. Sandnes Alpakka on 4mm needles.

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